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We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the natural platform for empowering the human mind and can significantly improve our quality of life, especially for those with long-term health care needs such as Alzheimer's/dementia, cancer, or other diseases requiring 24/7 caregiver support. ​ At MODAR, we are dedicated to bringing this innovation to everyone by creating a wearable technology that understands us and our surroundings.


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Will Lo, MD, PhD

Medical Advisor

An aspiring radiation oncologist in the physician scientist training track who graduated from the MD-PhD program at Harvard Medical School (MD at HMS and PhD in the Harvard-MIT HST Medical Engineering and Medical Physics program), with a passion in creating novel medical devices to improve the lives of patients. Will has technical expertise in optics (completed PhD in OCT imaging at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, MGH), hardware design (background in electrical and computer engineering) and GPU programming (co-authored the OpenGL Data Visualization Cookbook with Raymond).  He was a Harvard Presidential Scholar.

Raymond Lo, PhD

CEO & Co-founder
Technology & Vision

Formerly CTO and co-founder of Meta (where he led the development of the commercial augmented reality products Meta 1 and Meta 2). Raymond has been an evangelist of AR and has spoken internationally on the future of AR technology, including at the Hello Tomorrow global summit (alongside Barack Obama) and the Tencent WE summit. During his PhD, Raymond pursued his research with Professor Steve Mann (the father of wearable computing) on real-time high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, augmented reality, and digital eyeglasses.

Yide Yang
Lead Product Designer

The founder of mr. sheep co., ltd., an award-winning design company, and recipient of the Red Dot, A'design, and Young Asia creator awards. Yide is also a global 40 under 40 designer, with prior exhibitions in Milan, Tokyo and Paris. From packaging, appliances, 3C, to furniture and vehicles, Yide brings over 10 years’ experience in the art of product design.



In 2017, co-founder Raymond had a car accident on highway I-280 in California. He suffered a concussion, with symptoms of memory loss for several weeks. 

Having experienced first-hand the vulnerability of individuals with dementia, Raymond was personally inspired to reassess how AR and AI technology could be retasked for more vulnerable individuals with long-term health care needs - the ones least able to access technology, but who actually need it the most. ​ Our team is dedicated to improving human well-being and restoring human dignity for those with long-term care needs.


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