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Human cognitive performance

Cognitive Performance

Modar provides you with an assistant that manage your memory clutters. To-do list, reminders, and create routines to manage your daily life without ever forgetting.

Makes everything smart

Modar comes with an IoT tag accessories.

The multi-sensor tags help you to monitor your home and appliances such as water, fire, or motions.


Smarter your smart home

Works with your existing Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, and now on-the-go.

Monitor your Fitness

Keep track of your activity levels, and ensuring that you stay healthy and active  all the time. 

Learn your emotion

Modar helps caregivers to understand emotions better by analyzing your voice, and activity levels. Modar is here to help to relieve the day-to-day stress on caregiving.

Human cognitive


Modar assisted


Cognitive training

Recall your memories by reviewing your everyday interactions with Modar. Get a daily summary score to help to assess your progress.